Spray Tanning

Are you wanting a gorgeous tan for your wedding, deb, school formal or special event?
Even if you have never had a spray tan, don't worry! You will be made to feel super comfortable and it's so quick!
A spray tan is the one beauty treatment that can really change the way you look and feel, and is the healthiest way to achieve bronzed glowing skin without the damaging effects of the sun. Added benefits include disguising stretch marks, cellulite, freckles and blemishes and making you appear a dress size smaller!

It is best to get your spray tan done 2 days before your special event. This will make sure that your skin is free of any remaining tan, and also gives the tan sufficient time to fully develop to its full intensity so it will be looking perfect! Express tans can be booked for same day events, however only select these if time is a factor. You will still have colour, but all solutions, (express or not), still need the 24 hour developement time for the colour to be at its fullest potential. Expect your tan to last for 7-10 days depending on your skin type, preparation and how well you look after it.

We proudly use Colour Me Bronze Professional solutions.
Colour Me Bronze has been developed to give you the best results and colour development possible.
Using the Advanced Colour Matching Technique®, we are able to custom blend the solutions to create TANtails™. This allows us to get the correct base colour and depth required to suit your individual skin tone. No other tanning solution on the market has the ability to do this! 
We also take into consideration what the spray tan is for. If it is for a specific event, a daytime or evening event, the colour of dress/outfit you will be wearing, and even your eye and hair colour. All of these factors are very important in getting the colour perfect.
Colour Me Bronze Solutions are alcohol free with no hidden ingredients. The range is Australian made and manufactured and is a 100% original solution.

All solutions are:

  • Australian made and manufactured

  • 100% original solution. Not a rebrand/private label of another product. 

  • Cruelty free and palm oil free

  • Not tested on animals

  • Contain natural and organic ingredients

  • TRUE alcohol/ethanol free solution

  • Hydrating to the skin with minimal wash off

  • Inbuilt with anti-ageing and skin firming ingredients to leave your skin soft, smooth and toned

  • Light bronzer but intense results

  • Fades naturally, never patchy

  • Long lasting results

  • Non-sticky

  • Can be used as a 2hr solution or left on overnight for even darker results  

Prior to the commencement of your spray tan, you will be asked to fill in a client consultation form. (If you are under 18, you will need an adult to sign this form for you). You only need to do this once.
If I haven't already done so, we will have a quick chat to find out whether your tan is for a special event, or if you would just like some colour. we will also do a quick skin analysis, so we can guarantee the perfect colour for your skin tone.
All disposable items (strapless bras, hair nets, g-strings & sticky feet) are provided for you.
The spray tan should take approximately 10 minutes all up, with an additional 5-10 minutes for drying time and finishing touches. ​

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Please do not have a spray tan if you are trying for a baby or are in your first trimester of pregnancy, having breathing difficulties, or are allergic to self-tan. If breast feeding please inform me so I can avoid the breast and nipple area. It is also a good idea to wear a bikini top to ensure baby’s safety.


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