Salon Policies


KYLIE HAY Natural Brow Specialist has a strict COVID-19 policy in place to adhere to government regulations in order to protect all clients, myself and the community.

Your honesty in adhering to this policy is paramount to the safety of everyone, so please take the time to read this policy to ensure you are ready for your visit!


* You or anyone in your household have tested positive for COVID-19 within the last 14 days, or been in contact with anyone that has.

* You or anyone in your household are waiting on the results of a COVID-19 test.

* If you or anyone in your household are feeling unwell or are showing signs of cold or flu, such as runny nose, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, fever, recent loss of taste or smell, headache, etc, or have had any of these symptoms in the last 14 days. If any of these symtoms are displayed at your appointment I will be unable to perform your treatment and you will be charged the cancellation fee. Please wait 14 days after symptoms have gone to make another booking.

* You have cared for someone that was showing COVID-19 symptoms or tested positive for COVID-19.

* You or anyone in your household has flown or travelled in the last 14 days, or been in contact with anyone that has.

* Cancellation within 24 hours due to COVID-19 related symptoms will still incur the cancellation fee, but if your appointment is rescheduled and attended 2-4 weeks after symptoms are gone, this fee will be taken off your next appointment.

* Cancellation due to a positive result of COVID-19, the above will still apply, but a copy of your clearace from the DHHS stating you have completed the necessary quarantine period and are cleared from isolation will also need to be provided.


* Scan the QR code at the front of the salon to register your visit with us with DHHS.

* Sanitise your hands upon entry. There is a hand sanitising station when you enter the salon, please sanitise before you enter the salon and be cautious about the surfaces you touch.

* Please come to your appointment alone with minimal personal items. No children/friends will be permitted in the salon.

* Bring your own mask with ear loops.

* You are required to wear your mask at all times. If you do not bring your own face mask one will provided at the cost of $3.50.

* Do not bring any food or drinks into the salon.

* Talking will need to be kept to a minimum.

* Mobile phones are not permitted to be used while you are having your treatment. 

* Please avoid touching any testers or displays whilst you are at the salon. If you want to try anything please ask.


* Please sanitise again to disinfect before paying or touching doors and exiting.


If you develop any symptoms consistent with COVID-19 or test positive with COVID-19 within 48 hours of your visit, please notify me immediately by contacting 0456 087 274 or so correct measures can be put in place. If I develop any symptoms consistent with COVID-19 within 48 hours of your appointment, I will notify you immediately by phone and email so you may begin the quarantine process. 


Bookings can be made online, via social media or by calling/texting the salon on 0456 087 274.​​​

When booking online, you will be required to place your credit card on file to reserve your appointment time. This is a holding fee of 50% of your service. Your credit card WILL NOT be charged if you attend your appointment.


* You fail to give at least 24 hours notice to cancel or reschedule your appointment.

* You are more than 10 minutes late for your appointment.

* You fail to show to your appointment (no shows are required to pay the full amount of the service).

Your credit card information will not be visible to anyone and your card information is secure at all times.

  • All bookings will receive a confirmation text when your booking is accepted.

  • 48 hours prior to your appointment you will receive an sms and email asking you to confirm your appointment, you can confirm via either but please read this email as it contains important information including my cancellation policy, address, etc. Confirming your appointment is also agreeing to the terms of the cancellation policy. Unconfirmed appointments reserve the right to be cancelled.

  • All appointments will also receive an SMS reminder 24 hours before your appointment time. 

  • Changes to your appointment can be made online up to 24 hours prior to your scheduled time. You can do this via the link on your confirmation or reminder text or email.

  • Should you wish to add, remove or change any services to your booking where time slots are not available online, please contact me prior to your appointment and I will do everything possible to accommodate your request.

  • A parent must be present to sign consent for treatment for anyone under 18.

  • Certain services require a consultation and patch testing for first time clients. Please read the service descriptions when booking to see if this applies to you.

  • On completion of your service, post-treatment advice is given. You should agree to follow this advice as compliance with home care will enhance the benefits of the treatment received.

  • You must inform me by the beginning of your next service if you are under any new prescribed medical or over the counter oral or topical medications, supplements or have been diagnosed with any new illnesses or injuries. Failure to do so can lead to adverse reactions.

Click here to book online.

When you book your appointment, your time is reserved especially for you and no longer available to other clients.

  • 24 HOURS NOTICE IS REQUIRED if you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment. This gives me the opportunity to accommodate another client to have that appointment time.

  • Failing to give 24 hours’ notice to cancel or reschedule your appointment will result in a cancellation fee of 50% of your service. If you think your circumstances require special consideration, please contact me.

  • Rescheduling the same appointment more than twice will also result in a cancellation fee of 50% of your service.

  • If you fail to show to your appointment without notifying the salon, you will be required to pay for your service in full. Regular "No Show" offenders will not be booked again.

  • ​If you regularly fail to give less than 24 hours notice, or frequently arrive late, then full payment may be requested prior to your next service.

  • If you are booked in for multiple services and are still attending your appointment, but wish to reduce the number of services, you must also give 24 hours notice to cancel the specific service/s. Failure to do so without sufficient notice may result in a 50% cancellation fee for the specific service/s that you are wishing to cancel.

  • For appointments made within the 24 hour period, 6 hours notice is required to cancel or reschedule, or a cancellation fee of 50% of your service applies.

  • If the appointment is using a gift voucher and you fail to give 24 hours notice to cancel or reschedule your appointment, 50% of service charge will be deducted from the remaining value of the gift voucher.​

LATE ARRIVALS                                                         

  • Please allow for peak hour traffic, roadworks, weather, etc, so that you can experience full enjoyment of the time allocated for your service.

  • Please keep in mind that if you are running late you may have your treatment time shortened to avoid inconveniencing any clients booked in after you. You will still be charged the full service amount.

  • If you arrive later than 10 minutes, your appointment will be rescheduled to another time and the cancellation fee will also apply.

Ideally it is not suitable to have babies/children in the salon.                                                        

  • If you need to bring your baby/child, please be mindful this is at your own risk. If your child becomes a distraction for you or myself, you will be asked to book any future appointments when you are child free.       

  • Any damages caused by children will need to be paid for or replaced.

  • This policy has been implemented for their safety and also for your peace of mind and applies to children 12yrs and under. 


  • Please be considerate of mine and my family’s health. If you, or anyone in your family are unwell, PLEASE reschedule your appointment.                                                                                                                                            

  • ​If you arrive unwell please understand that I will not be able to perform your service and your appointment will be rescheduled  and the cancellation fee will apply.                                            


  • All services and product prices are inclusive of GST. 

  • Accepted payment methods are cash, credit card, paypal and bank deposit. ​

  • Prices are effective from 1st January 2020 and are subject to change without notice.

Other than as provided by consumer law, the following will apply to Kylie Hay Gift Vouchers.

  • Gift cards are redeemable at the monetary value of the service at the time of purchase. In the case where the voucher is for a service, and the price of the service has risen before the gift voucher is used, the original price will still be honoured while the voucher is within the expiry date.

  • All vouchers will have an expiry date of 3 years notated on the voucher at time of the sale.

  • Where this date has expired, the provision of the service or value is at the discretion of Kylie Hay. Where the expired voucher is for a service and the price of the service has risen, in honouring the expired voucher Kylie Hay may require the customer to pay the difference in service prices.

  • Where the expired voucher was donated by Kylie Hay, the service will not be provided.

  • Gift vouchers are not refundable.

Due to the nature of my services, I do not offer refunds or exchanges on services, packages, prepaid packages, memberships or gift vouchers. Should you have any concerns regarding a treatment or experience at Kylie Hay, you must contact me in person or by phone and within one week of the original service. As per the Small Business and the Competition and Consumer Act, I will try and rectify the problem or redo the service free of charge within one week of you contacting me. 

Kylie Hay Natural Brow Specialist monitors the privacy and confidentiality of personal information and ensures compliance to all relevant legislative and moral requirements by instilling discipline in all aspects of the business. Your information will never be shared with anyone outside this establishment.
My objective is to protect and maintain the privacy, and security of your personal information in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988. The Privacy Act contains a set of standards for the handling of your personal information

known as the National Privacy Principles (NPPs). Personal information collected by Kylie Hay generally comprises name, address, occupation, contact details, birth date and certain financial information. The National Privacy Principles require Kylie Hay not to store personal information longer than necessary. I am committed to the privacy and protection of your information, should you require any further information, please contact me.     

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. If you have any further questions relating to these policies please don’t hesitate to ask. I appreciate your loyalty and support and look forward to continuing to look after your brow and beauty needs.



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