TrueBrow™ Design & Restoration

If you want beautiful brows and are looking for an expert, you have come to the right place! Your search is over in finding someone you can trust to take care of your brows.
Natural brow design and restoration is my specialty and I am passionate about saving the natural brow. My goal is to give you brows that are elegant and feminine, enhancing your natural beauty without having had a shape carved out for you. My brow services are a premium service, suited to those wanting more for their brows, rather than a standard wax and shape you would recieve elsewhere. Your brows deserve the best, and with the TrueBrow™ System, I am here to give you a brow experience like no other!
The TrueBrow™ System is the world's original and only natural brow restoration and design system. It is partnered with the TrueBrow™ Collection and together they implement the process of recovering your brows to their fullest and most beautiful potential, naturally. The TrueBrow™ System focuses on finding the softness and underlying beauty of a woman’s brow, even the most compromised brows can experience a new level of beauty.
As a restoration specialist, I am trained to look at the brow differently. I am able to see the beauty and the possibilities for each and every brow, and using my vision, cutting edge techniques and unique design principles, I will unveil a brow design that you will love and that others will envy you for!

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The TrueBrow™ Program

TrueBrow™ is no ordinary brow service! It is for those that are 100% committed to achieving their brow goals!
The TrueBrow™ Program is your route back to beautiful brows and is tailored to those with damaged or compromised brows. Depending on whether you are in need of correction, restoration, transformation, design, or a combination of them all, this program is the fastest way to brow beauty.
The TrueBrow™ Program consists of the TrueBrow™ Discovery Session, TrueBrow™ Design Service and ongoing TrueBrow™ Maintenance.
The program is for you if you are committed to attending your scheduled maintenance sessions. Over time we will work together to restore your brows to their fullest potential. This can be a long process that requires patience and trust, and can take anywhere from 3-12 months to complete. It will require NO tweezing, waxing, or trimming between visits. This can be quite challenging for some, but by committing to the brow restoration process, you will allow your brows to become fuller and more beautiful.
Of course, if your brows aren't needing any restoration work and you are just wanting a world class design, you can just use the Design Service.


TrueBrow™ Services




The first step in reaching your brow goals is to attend your complementary TrueBrow™ Discovery Session. During this time, your brows will be assessed to determine whether they require correction, restoration, transformation, design, or a combination of them all. This will provide me with a clear vision to show you what is possible, and to create a tailored program just for you. We can also discuss your own brow goals and any questions or concerns you may have. Also, for your safety, a patch test for brow tint will be performed to make sure your skin has no product sensitivities. To give your skin ample time to accept the patch test, your design appointment needs to be scheduled at least 2 days following your consultation.

For more information on patch testing, please visit the Patch Testing page.

*COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION CANCELLATION POLICY:  The Discovery Session is a complimentary service, but in order to reserve your consultation time, a $20 holding fee is required. This fee is only payable if you fail to give at least 24 hours notice to cancel or reschedule your consultation or if you fail to show to your consultation. Thank you for understanding and respecting my time as much as I value and respect yours!


Book your complimentary Discovery Session today!




The foundation for the future of your brow potential will begin at your design appointment.
Rather than forcing a design, your brows are designed by finding the softness and underlying beauty using corrective design principles & techniques, and the world’s most advanced brow education. Additionally, I will utilise customised colour enhancement, waxing, trimming, meticulous tweezing and finish with the TrueBrow™ Collection. Even the most compromised brows will experience a new level of beauty.
* Included is a shading lesson on how to apply the TrueBrow™ Collection.




Following your TrueBrow™ design, your brows will be reassessed a fortnight later. From here I will be able to determine a timeframe for future maintenance appointments. This will depend on your growth rate and the state of your brows. Maintenance appointments can vary from every 2 to 4 weeks and are crucial during the restoration process, anything after the determined timeframe and we begin to lose the design and more work is involved to recover it. Maintenance appointments are not a redesign appointment, their purpose is to preserve your new design and keep your brows looking their best at all times. Don’t be tempted to tweeze, wax or remove a SINGLE hair from your brows in between appointments as you could potentially ruin the shape! 
* Maintenance appointments are for clients who have had a TrueBrow™ Design with Infinity Brow Beautique.




Every 6 weeks we will have a Review Session, this is an exciting time where we will review the progress of your brows to see how far they have come. You will get to see for yourself on the big screen your before photo from your very first visit compared to 6 weeks later! This will be done at the end of your 3rd fortnightly Maintenance session. (If you are on 3 or 4 weekly Maintenance sessions, your Review Session may be every 8-12 weeks).




When you enter the TrueBrow™ Program, you have the option of purchasing the TrueBrow™ Starter Package. This offers you beautiful brows for great value!
Package includes:
•    Discovery Session
•    TrueBrow™ Design
•    2 Maintenance Sessions
•    TrueBrow™ Collection application, including tutorial
•    Eye and lip mask during your TrueBrow™ Design
•    $20 voucher to try a new service you have yet to try in the salon



TrueBrow™ Design & Lash Lift


Why not combine your TrueBrow™ Design with a Lash Lift & Tint and give yourself a complete eye makeover!
Package includes:
•    Discovery Session & Lash Lift Consultation
•    TrueBrow™ Design
•    Eye and lip mask during your TrueBrow™ Design 
•    Lash Lift
•    Lash Tint
Your makeover is completed with specialty brow makeup using the TrueBrow™ Collection, concealer and highlighter.


The TrueBrow™ Collection



The TrueBrow™ Collection goes hand in hand with the TrueBrow™ System in achieving your brow goals. The TrueBrow™ Collection is a unique brow product that uses a quick and easy 2-step application process unlike anything else on the market. It has the power to create depth, fullness and most importantly, softness to any brow. Even for those that love the bold brow, it offers an instant 'wow' factor while still looking beautifully natural. And with exceptional staying power, there are no touch ups required throughout the day. It is the perfect solution and confidence builder for clients who are in the midst of the restoration phase of the TrueBrow™ Program.
Available to purchase in the salon.